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Full Mission Ship Manuevering Simulator

The Full Mission Ship maneuvering Simulator is designed, built and installed in accordance with the requirementsof STCW'95 and takes fully into account DNV requirements for Class A, (B&C) simulators.

It is a complete navigation training solution and encompasses all the individual units on which navigation related training needs to be performed.

Training is done in an immersive atmosphere with full visual, instrument and aural clues available to the trainees. The full mission simulator incorporates all software, hardware and accessories required to simulate an accurate and realistic bridge environment and is available in a large number of configurations including 180, 240, 270 and 360 degrees fields of view.

PC Based Navigation Simulator

PC Based Navigation Simulator is an advanced architecture platform that enables unprecedented degrees of modularity. To our customer that implies the ability to pick and choose components of interest and relevance, thereby building a simulator suited precisely to their requirements.

PC based Navigation Simulator is one such simulator that contains all the major functionalities of the navigation software, which is capable of delivering ship maneuvering and RADAR/ ARPA training on a desk top PC. This can be used as stand alone self teaching console or can be expanded to use with an instructor station.

The turnkey solution consists of an integrated, enclosed set consisting of a high resolution 21 inch color monitor,PC, electrical equipment, keypad, trackball, etc. in plug and play configuration for easy network connectivity.

It is extremely scalable meaning that a client can start with a desktop solution and grow the simulator into its largest possible configuration by adding hardware and software as appropriate.

Steering Simulator

The Steering Simulator is a cost-effective solution comprising state of the art software and hardware integrated to achieve ultra realistic replication of a shipboard steering environment. The Simulator can be used for imparting effective and practical training to seafarers at support level.

The simulator is an ideal tool for hands on training in steering aspects for deck cadets & ratings undergoing pre-sea training curriculum. The simulator realistically simulates the steering system on a vessel including simulation of Gyro Compass, Magnetic Compass, Telegraph, Auto Pilot, Rudder Angle Indicators, Rudder Order Indicator, Non Follow Up Steering and Steering Alarms.

RADAR/ARPA Simulator

The RADAR/ARPA Simulator is modeled on the latest Radar sets fitted on-board ships. It complies with RADAR performance standards (Section A-1/12) and guidance (Section B-1/12) of the STCW code. It meets IMO performance standards of MSC resolution A477(xii), A823(xix) for RADAR equipment and MSC resolution A823(ii) for ARPA equipment.

The Radar Simulator can be used to conduct the IMO Model course 1.07 and has been type approved by the DGS, Government of India for that purpose. Its application include conducting of various RADAR/ARPA simulator courses for navigators at operational and management level.

The simulator emulates all the functionality found on a modern marine radar as well as providing control over traffic density, waterways, sea state and weather conditions. The simulator is extremely efficient and cost-effective. The simulator meets and exceeds existing international requirements including those set forth by STCW'95 and DNV.

The Radar/ARPA simulator can be used in standalone mode for self-teaching, or in networked mode along with an Instructor console. Up to 24 trainee workstations can be connected for interactive training.

Bridge Team Management Simulator

Richfield provides consultancy to prospective clients to arrive at "best fit" simulator solution after analyzing their needs. Training institutes and organizations can opt for Bridge Team Management Simulator for conducting Bridge Team Management Courses.

This simulator is an ideal tool for improving navigational and maneuvering skills of navigating officers and an excellent platform for building team work, internal and external communication skills, situational awareness and navigational skills at all levels.

Trainees can engage in a vast range of navigational scenarios including coastal navigation, high traffic density areas, arrival and departure ports, berthing and unberthing, anchoring and others.

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