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Geothermal energy is created by the heat of the earth. It generates reliable power and emits almost no greenhouse gases. Richfield is into geothermal in generating electricity.

Details on how it works

  • When groundwater seeps below the earth's surface near a dormant volcano, the water is heated by reservoirs of molten rock, usually at depths of up to 9,800 feet (3,000 m).
  • Wells similar to those used to produce crude oil and natural gas are drilled to recover the water. Once captured, steam and hot water are separated.
  • The steam is cleaned and sent to the power plant. The separated water is returned to the reservoir, helping to regenerate the steam source.
  • Only a small group of sites around the globe provide the special conditions needed to generate geothermal energy.
  • At these locations, deep fractures in the earth's crust allow the molten rock to surge close enough to the earth's surface to heat water that goes underground.

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